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Upendo Face Orphanage Foundation is a full time center that host about 90 children. It is located in the village of Machumba, area of the city of Arusha, Tanzania. Your registration number is 08539 NGO / NGO.

The children come from all parts of the area, they have been losing their families due to certain circumstances, and they belong to a very high poverty and lack of resources.

The center offers a place called "home", where they can receive the care, food, clothing, education and medical care that every child needs.
There are several preschool classrooms where they receive the first notions of education, such as: Basic English, Swahili (their mother tongue), Mathematics, Nature, Geography and Social-politic history.

Volunteer testimonials

Rosalía Guerrero

Rosalía Guerrero

A month of aid worker in Tanzania has given much.
Without knowing anyone I bought a ticket simply by a phone call and an intuition that everything would be fine.
Arrival at the airport with much excitement. They take me to the orphanage, the other girls arrive later. I receive Baba Gody and Mama Gody who only speak Swahili. Almost a month with children who are stung for your attention, for holding your hands. You fall in love with their smiles, their cries, their games, ... We teach English, math, play, sing and dance every day. We help to serve dishes in the dining room, distribute gifts (clothes and shoes), tie many laces.
I learn Swahili words thanks to Baba Gody, Mama Gody, and the kids. My English from the mountains improves a bit, and in the absence of English I use sound and gestures that mark my stay (nino nino ninooo).
Tours: waterfall, coffee tour, Arusha National Park with the kids, Massai village, visits to Arusha, Lake Duluti, Machumba, Tengeru Market, Vijiji Center, Ngorongoro Crater Safari, George Olduvai, Serengeti Nartional Park.
I bargain prices and I become an expert, we take dala dala, the children greet us along the way.
I'm the sponsor of a girl, the oldest of the orphanage, Brigitta.
They are many experiences and of course it has been worth it. With desire to repeat and continue making dreams.

Rosalía Guerrero

Niclas Svarre Larsen

Two times have i worked at Upendo and it was just as good as the second time. Upendo Face is a non profit Orphanage Foundation, i can really recommend to go on volunteering here, they really take care and provide for the children. Working as a voulenteer twice I would say 4 of the best things about upendo is:
  • The happy and energized children
  • Godfrey (the owner) is a very kind person who really works hard in order to provide for the kids and try his best to run the orphanage, and he is funny—guy as well.
  • The staff is very kind and working a lot as well.
  • You feel very welcomed staying at Upendo Face ace Orphanage Foundation as a voulenteer.
Rosalía Guerrero

María Carmen Méndez

I usually volunteer at Upendo Face Orphanage Foundation once a year for 3 years, I started in 2015.
I was in Upendo in July 2017 until the end of September. I usually travel alone, or with volunteers. I ask the staff manager if anyone can pick me up at the Kilimanjaro airport and they are very punctual and responsible.
I always request accommodation there and I stay at Upendo Face Orphanage Foundation to be closer and more time in contact with the children and live the local life of the town. I enjoyed teaching a lot because I am a primary and secondary school teacher, I also like to take care of children during breaks, go to the local market with a member of staff, to buy food and meat and necessary items, help in the kitchen. The traditional local food is amazing and very similar to the Spanish one. I also like to do some activities outside the orphanage to do weekends and rest, with children as some excursion or visit the town and surroundings as the local markets, Moivaro, Tengeru and Arusha town and the surrounding cities, Arusha, Moshi , Mwanza.
Visit some national parks such as Arusha Waterfall, Hot Spring, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire Park, Serengeti National Park, Massai village.
I recommend this experience a lot, since I enjoy it a lot and I will repeat it more times.

Rosalía Guerrero

Emma Marie Skogstad

I worked as volunteer at Upendo Face Orphanage for two months. I worked together with my Danish friend and our main task was to teach class 3 and 4 in mathematics and English. Teaching was quite a challenge especially with the younger children who didn’t spoke English so well. But over time it became easier and we had a lot of fun combining teaching and playing.
Furthermore we participated in helping in the kitchem for cooking lunch for the children.
The children at the orphanage are absolutely amazing. Everyday you will be met with big smiles, hugs and lots of positive energy. Also the staff was great, they are doing everything they can do to help children at the orphanage.
I can definitely recommend working as volunteer at Upendo Face Orphanage Foundation.