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About Us

The Upendo Project: Upendo started with a small idea, its director, Godfrey Kivuyo, being very young he always felt a lot of concern for young children, in the same situation of helplessness, without family, without feeling protected, without a place to live, without possibility of education, and without a future perspective, as in which he grew as a child, until he was found and welcomed by his current family.

He was like that already, turned into a man, where he was offered a home, care and protection and possibility of studies, when, knowing his economic difficulties, he was helped by his adoptive father, who offered him a small plot of land where he built stone by stone, foundations of its center and that's how the Upendo Face Orphanage Foundation began and how it came to the world! To be able to help the orphaned children found in the street, pick them up and take care of them as much as possible.


Bedroom House & Building

  • The orphanage is being completed with the dormitory house, almost finished, to be able to offer a safe shelter, take care of them full time, ensuring that children have a roof to sleep in, improve living conditions and give them a real home by allowing them a stable and dignified lifestyle
  • It is intended to prevent them from crossing roads and walking on unsafe roads to and from the center.
  • Longer school day and complete the official educational programs.
  • Restoration of the broken windows of the classrooms and painting of the facade. (Finished)


Due to lack of space and because the Upendo Face children family is growing, we plan to build the second phase of the bedroom house. Due to this we have to open another project called Upendo Land for bedrooms. Could you help us and sponsor us? Do you know any organization or company that can help us?

“Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn't.” - Jeff Bridges


One of our biggest challenges is providing a daily nutritious meal to the children who live in our own orphanage, the Upendo Face Orphanage Foundation. Most of the local diet consists of rice with vegetables called Pilau, beans with corn and vegetables called Makande and Makukuru, also a local basic food called Ugali made of corn flour and water, which usually goes with rice and beans, as well They need daily vegetables like spinach and other local, occasionally local fruit. But our plans are to provide also provide twice a week meat, chicken, essential for a good nutritious nutrition meal, but this will depend on the funds obtained from the donations. (with each sponsor, and with only € 6 per month per child, they can have a traditional local nutritious and balanced daily meal.

All the food purchases: pulses, grain and pasta, in bulk, are ordered monthly directly to the local wholesaler, always contrasting lower prices, the vegetables come from the local markets on a weekly basis and the meat from the local butcher.
100% of the donations made are used to feed the children and the staff.

The majority of the children of Upendo are in foster homes, currently, for lack of finishing the dormitory house. Do not eat breakfast before going to school. The porridge program will provide them with a daily cup of nutritious warm milk with cereals (with each sponsor, and only 3€ per month per child, they can have a nutritious breakfast consisting of corn flour and crushed baobab fruit, milk, butter, sugar).

Farm animals & stable

We all know how important nutrition is in a child's life, for this we need to expand the number of cows to provide fresh milk, as well as chickens to provide fresh eggs and meat for children and staff. Some of the chickens will be used as food and the rest of the milk and eggs in excess will be sold to the neighbors of the community. Both initiatives will improve the health of children and staff and generate income for the center. For this purpose a good place is necessary, to be fed and to repair the stables, annually, to be cared for and protected from the weather.


  • Computer Office, photocopier-printer...
  • School and educational material for children and teachers.
  • Library study room. Shelving, table, chairs, retro projector, screen.


In Upendo Face Orphanage Foundation we intend to be self sufficient and this project, almost finished, will provide the center with a means to obtain resources through its rent to volunteers and local people who need it for maintenance of the center such as: electricity, water and firewood, products of cleaning, salaries of the personnel and to solve any unforeseen event. Every shilling of profit obtained from the transportation project will be used for financing and our monthly costs. . With this project we intend to generate employment for staff and / or young men in our community of local neighbors.
It is also a safe means of transport with which they can take a child or neighbor from the community to the doctor, in case of emergency, since the conventional way is to take him to the hospital by bus and he is too slow and uncomfortable and insecure.
Over time our plan is to improve the transportation project to a better and bigger one to work from the city to other places.
Each contribution is a step that brings us closer to our self-financing goals and will provide employment to more and more people in the community. This project is costing approximately (3.000€) and we are very grateful to all our sponsors who have supported us from Spain. Could you help us and continue sponsoring? Do you know any company that can help us?