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Our idea & vision of a sponsorship

It connects you directly with a particular child so you can see the evolution. You can see and be informed how your donations really make a difference, through letters, reports of academic notes, updates and photos you will receive from the school administration, by email and the child himself. Our program for a child to attend school is full time, monthly fees pay all the necessary requirements: Tuition, school supplies, class and sports uniforms, school shoes, examination fees, lunch and transportation are optional and there will be an reduction in the total rate depending on whether these options are chosen or not.
There are always children waiting for a sponsor or godmother.
Please let us know if you are interested and want more details.

Sponsor a child for his educational future

There are always children who urgently need sponsorship. Children know that education is the only way out to a safe, stable and dignified life. Through monthly fees throughout the 12 months of the year, you can sponsor a child to go to school, complying with the mandatory school program marked by the state. You can sponsor a child individually or well between 2.3 people, due to the total annual cost.
The closest school is called Saint Davis School, it is located in the village of Shangarai, next to Machumba, the village where Upendo Face Orphanage Foundation is, the reason for going to this school is proximity, preventing children, who are walking , cross unsafe roads and with dangerous traffic.