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Volunteering Work

Volunteers The area for volunteers is separated from the area for children, is located within a walled area in the process of finalization, near the children's play area and the private area belonging to the family, separated by a small access. The volunteer house (with a view to expanding the construction to accommodate more volunteers) consists of several bedrooms with bunk beds, bathroom with shower, toilet, lounge area with porch and kitchen with wood burner and refrigerator, located outside the house. All meals are provided daily except on the weekends (Upendo staff is resting), giving the opportunity to the volunteer to visit local places and do other activities, you can communicate with the staff of the center and with the manager your desire to perform some extra weekend activity, they will be happy to assist you.

Volunteers The volunteers must have a declaration in the norms of coexistence that inform of the responsibilities, rights and duties of the volunteer. This donation offers the option to serve for those who prefer more familiar meals or who have special dietary requirements. In addition, it is used to pay expenses in the stay, occasionally by volunteers, stories as a child: food, light, water and cleaning products. The length of stay is variable, depending on the demand of the volunteer, it can vary between 20 days and a long stay, the donation will vary according to this period, it can not be communicated upon arrival at the airport for your visa. Our volunteering is not old, you can have it independently depending on age or with the family and their children, even if they are small, what is best to share and share multicultural experience with the little ones on both sides, all children are delighted.

In addition, they should contact the center's manager in advance and they will inform if they want to be picked up or not, date, time and place since there are several international airports, they will be taken in a private taxi or rented car, by authorized personnel from the center to the Upendo Face home Orphanage Foundation, where the director, Godfrey Izack kivuyo or another staff member will give you, upon arrival, a welcome and brief informative talk to familiarize the volunteers with the facilities, staff, activities, safety issues and rules ( read and carry out the rules of coexistence, responsibilities, rights and duties of the volunteer). Alcohol and smoking are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN on the premises and in the center or in the presence of children. Shortly after your arrival, you can request to be taken to a nearby supermarket to stock up on water, non-alcoholic beverages and any food or toiletries you may need. It is a large supermarket similar to ours at home, so most of the supplies are available.

Volunteers are expected to help during the 5 days of the week and the other days offer optional interaction with the children or free time.

Included in volunteering

  • Pick up at Kilimanjaro International Airport, or Arusha.
  • Accommodation as established above.
  • Meals with children and staff
  • Trips to the supermarket, pharmacy, hospital, with a staff member to accompany him when and where he needs to go on the first occasions.
  • Other personal issues excluded or agreed upon with the staff.

Not Included in volunteering

  • Flights from your country of origin to the destination Tanzania and other national destinations.
  • Taxi or car rented from different airports, about € 50 / $ per group.
  • Travel insurance and cancellation, insurance and medical treatment or medication (can be accompanied by a doctor or local hospital).
  • Bottled water, soft drinks, foods other than those that children and staff eat, personal hygiene and cleaning items.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” - Muhammad Ali

Activities for volunteering

  • Assist primary school or daycare as a teacher's assistant, help children with homework and reading.
  • From accompanying the staff to the market to cooking the food, supervision with the preparation of it.
  • Help with the washing of dishes and household appliances, cleaning and care of the facilities.
  • Sports activities and games with children
  • Teach / share dance, music (yoga, meditation) and games with children.
  • Create your own activities with the children. Any idea is welcome.

Other Activities